Disposable infusion sets


Commodity infusion set with single needle or butterfly needle
Material PVC tube, PE chamber
Sterile sterile by EO gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic
Type 20drops or 60drops/ml
Tube 150cm,180cm,200cm
Certificate CE&ISO
Scope of Application Coordinates the disposable use venous transfusion needle and injection needle, uses in the vein drop for the human body
Attention Disposable, Valid for three years

Product Accessories:
Drip Chamber:soft PVC, sizes according to the ISO 8536-4 standards
Vented Spike: with or without air vented
Fluid Filter: with or without fluid filter is alternative
Flow Regulator: made of polyethylene or ABS
Flexible Soft Tube:1.5m Soft and kink resistant ,medical grade PVC
Protective Cap: for closure piercing device made of polyethylene with internal thread that prevents the bacteria from coming in
“Y” Injection Port: With or without

Product sterilized by Epoxy hexylene, asepsis,non-pyrogen without unusual toxicity and hemolysis response
This for the clinical disposable use, use after opening
Take down protect set , insert bottle the plug puncture device drains away interior air
uses the rate-of-flow controller to adjust the drop number, according to conventional infusion operation
Stop use if package is punctureed or the protective cap falls off
For single use, damage after use
The term of validity is three years, Expired is forbid
The product should store in the relative humidity not to surpass 80%, non-corrosiveness gas, cool, ventilates good, in dryly clean room
Above-mentioned content can’t be changed without authorization

Package Details:
1pc/PE bag or blister packing

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