Disposable Kraft Paper Cutlery Bag Chopsticks Set

Disposable Kraft Paper Cutlery Bag Chopsticks Set.With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, various disposable paper-based daily necessities have emerged in an endless stream, and many kinds of household papers for various occasions have been continuously introduced.
This product has various specifications, which can meet the different needs of different customers. The materials are carefully selected, beautifully packaged and convenient to use.
Disposable Kraft Paper Cutlery Bag Chopsticks Set is made of food kraft paper and can be in direct contact with tableware to prevent tableware from being directly contaminated with dust. The edge of the cutlery bag is designed with a serrated design. The tearing is easy and simple, and the chopsticks are designed with arcs for easy access. The inner wall of the tableware is covered with PE, which is waterproof and oil-proof, clean and hygienic, and easy to use. Original wood quality, no paint and no wax. Smooth texture, uniform color, no burrs.Suitable for all kinds of fast food restaurants, western food stores, hotel takeaways, etc.
Product advantages
1. Variety of styles, can be customized
2. Independent packaging, convenient and practical
3. Exquisite design, beautiful and generous
4. Kraft paper material, waterproof, oil and dustproof

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