Disposable Salad Box Packaging Plastic Snack Box

Disposable Salad Box Packaging Plastic Snack Box ,used as packaging, these boxes and lids are engineered for heat and cold resistance. The containers are microwavable making these the ideal take out container.These come highly recommended as food savers for people who like to cook in batches as a perfect meal prep box. They are easy to stack in coolers and picnic baskets.Great to use for assorted chips or fruits.

Disposable Salad Box Packaging Plastic Snack Box.Unique seal design, does not leak and does not deform, can prevent food from being contaminated, and the soup leaks, effectively extending the shelf life of the food. It is easy to use and has been widely used in the catering industry.  Made with environmentally friendly materials,non-polluting and has high environmental value. It is non-toxic and has no side effects on the human body during production and use.

Scope of application: supermarkets, homes, fast food restaurants, convenience stores.

Product advantages :
1. The material is environment-friendly and safe
2. Plastic material, not easy to deformation
3. Waterproof and oil-proof
4. Complete process and support customization
5. Cover design, dust and moisture proof

Item No. Code Size Color Material
TPCP25 Plastic lunch box(480ml) 142*98*54mm black/white/transparent +transparent PP
TPCP29 Compartment plastic lunch box(1000ml) 173.2*120*72mm transparent PP
TPCP30 Compartment plastic lunch box(950ml) 173*120*72mm transparent PP
TPCP31 2 compartment plastic lunch box(1000ml) 222*155*57mm transparent PP
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