Door Suspension Cervical Traction Frame

Door Suspension Cervical Traction Frame, high-quality materials, durable, can effectively lead the cervical spine

The new brand new upgrade design, using high quality thick steel, durable. This product does not need to be pulled by heavy objects, making it more convenient to use. Hanging on the door solves the problem of nowhere to hang in the ordinary traction frame. There is a protective device for the door, which does not hurt the door. The design is more scientific, can be adjusted according to height, reasonable design, the main frame screws are all made of anti-loose nuts, lined with anti-slip mat layer, not easy to fall off, more safe.

Scope of application: family, nursing home, hospital

Product advantages:
1. Use high quality thick steel, strong and durable
2. It is more convenient to use without heavy traction.
3. It can be adjusted according to height and reasonable design
4. Hanging design saves space

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