Emergency Air Breathing Apparatus

Advantages of Emergency Air Breathing Apparatus Pressure stability: The air pressure respirator is equipped with a decompression assembly. After scientific design, the output pressure is stable. The air after decompression is only about 0.7MPa medium and low pressure. It is equipped with medium pressure safety valve and the pressure reducer fails. It can also be safely relieved.
2. Safeguard: The high-pressure pipe design is combined with the front alarm system. When the pressure inside the bottle is lower than 5±0.5MPa, it will automatically alarm. The alarm decibel is not less than 90dB, which can ensure the alarm can be heard in the relatively noisy working environment.
3. Easy work: The back panel selects a tough and lightweight material to reduce the load on the job. Widen the left and right shoulder straps to make the shoulders evenly stressed. The belt can be adjusted to be wider and more comfortable and safe.

Emergency Air Breathing Apparatus uses aluminum liner carbon fiber wound cylinder:
1. Lighter, 50% lighter than metal steel cylinders of the same volume
2. More sturdy, aluminum alloy liner, carbon fiber, glass fiber, epoxy resin, four-layer composite structure design.
3. It is safer, the composite gas cylinder is not easy to conduct electricity, and it is neutral in the case of erosion and corrosion. The valve has a built-in safety diaphragm to prevent the cylinder from exploding due to excessive pressure in the bottle. The TPE bottle holder with good elasticity and softness effectively protects the cylinder from falling and falling.

Air ventilator full face mask:
1. The spherical large field of view is open and clear, with anti-fog function, achieving a light transmittance of over 90%.
2. The mask is made of PC face screen, which is firm and not fragile.
3. The nose and mouth adopt safe and non-toxic silica gel, which has good mechanical strength and wear resistance. It is difficult to precipitate toxic substances when exposed to high temperature, and has a high degree of fit to the face and soft touch.

Scope of application: fire rescue, oil and gas, mining, metallurgy, epidemic prevention, agricultural production, light industry manufacturing.

Product number:HG-GB-RHZKF6.8/30
Cylinder volume:6.8L
Cylinder working pressure:≦30MPa
Alarm pressure:5.5±0.5MPa
Alarm sound:﹥90dB
Gas storage:2040L
Inspiratory resistance(25Times/min):≦500Pa
Expiratory resistance(40Times/min):≦700Pa
Expiratory resistance:≦1000Pa
Machine weight (Without gas):8.0kg
Operating temperature:-30-60℃
Usage time:65min

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