Finger Bandage

Finger Bandage is the most commonly used surgical medicine in people’s lives. It consists of a long piece of adhesive tape with a small piece of gauze dipped in the middle of the drug. It has hemostasis and protection. Nowadays, it has become an essential medical product for families. It has no anti-inflammatory effect. Its main function is to absorb exudate and keep the wound dry.

Finger Bandage The product can suppress hemostasis, protect wounds, prevent infection and promote healing. At the same time, it has the advantages of small size, simple use, convenient carrying and reliable curative effect. This product is suitable for small wounds with superficial wounds, neat and clean wounds, and low bleeding without suturing. Due to its structural limitations, it can only be used for small-scale trauma emergency treatment, thus temporarily stopping bleeding and protecting the wound. However, it should be noted that the time used should not be too long.

How to use: Before using band-aid, first check if there is any dirt in the wound. If there is any uncleanness, clean the wound with sterile saline first, then stick the band-aid.

Product advantages
1. Pressure to stop bleeding, protect wounds
2. Prevent infection and promote healing
3. Small size, easy to use, easy to carry
4. Wide range of applications
5. Sufficient inventory

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