PHH04 PE Material Plastic Helmet

PHH04 PE Material Plastic Helmet, using high-quality PE plastic shell, strong impact resistance, is a protective article to prevent impact damage to the head.

PHH04 PE Material Plastic Helmet, it consists of a cap shell, a cap liner, a sweatband, a buffer belt and an adjustment buckle. The cap is hemispherical, strong, smooth and flexible, and the impact and puncture of the striker is mainly carried by the cap. There is a space between the cap and the cap liner to cushion and disperse the instantaneous impact force, thereby avoiding or reducing direct damage to the head. It has anti-shock performance, puncture resistance, lateral rigidity, electrical insulation and flame retardancy. The venting holes on both sides are designed to reduce sultry, cool and breathable. Cotton lining, comfortable and stylish. Plug-in adjustment for adjustable tightness. Fixed at four points to ensure stability and durability.
Scope of application: construction site, energy mining, metallurgy, construction, forestry, mining, dock

Product advantages:
1. Use high quality impact resistant materials for greater safety
2. Cotton lining, comfortable and breathable
3. Adjustable design, stable and safe
4. A variety of colors are available

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