High Altitude Anti-Fall Self-Locking Device

High Altitude Anti-Fall Self-Locking Device is a personal protective equipment worn by workers for fall protection. Its main function is to prevent the high-level workers from falling, or to suspend the safety of the workers after the fall, to protect them free from harm, and not to be injured.

High Altitude Anti-Fall Self-Locking Device.With double-insurance metal hooks, the material is firm, the pulling force is strong, and the safety is high. Thickened chrome-plated parts prevent rust, safety and durability. The use of polypropylene as a raw material, woven into the seat belt by the principle of encryption and reinforcement. The unique sweat-absorbent belt design, shockproof protection, and more comfortable to wear. There is an adjustment buckle at the waist, which can be adjusted at will, and the tension is tightened. The plastic coated adjusting plate reduces the wear of the adjusting plate on the belt, effectively enhances the safety factor and prolongs the service life of the seat belt. High strength, wear resistance, durability, mildew resistance, acid and alkali resistance, simple and light, safe and applicable.

Scope of application: electrical installation, maintenance, aerial work, wire repair, high altitude rescue

Product advantages:
1. When the body loses weight, it plays the role of catching the rope.
2. Thickened chrome parts to prevent rust
3. High strength and light weight

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