High Tube Dustproof And Rainproof Pvc Shoe Cover

High tube dustproof and rainproof pvc shoe cover is popular travel boot cover, this PVC boot cover is used to facilitate guests to not take off shoes, and the environment is not contaminated with the common dust protection products. PVC boot cover can printed color u need, like red, blue…,it’s fashion for high heels with velcro design. It’s very popular for women.

High tube dustproof and rainproof pvc shoe cover is a new product that has just appeared in recent years. Plastic boot cover uses all natural rubber to add new wear-resistant and anti-skid materials, combined with the function of rain rubber shoes and secondary plastic shoe covers. This shoe cover is lighter and more convenient than the rain rubber shoes.

In the rain and snow weather, PVC boot covers are sleeved outside the shoes, without changing shoes, the purpose of waterproof, mud prevention and shoes protection can be achieved. It is worn outside the shoes without distortion, no falling off and no slippage. It is more durable than disposable plastic shoe covers, recyclable, degradable, and can be used repeatedly. It can replace the disposable shoe covers, and can be used indoors and outdoors. At the same time, this PVC boot cover is easy to carry, easy to clean and easy to clean up.

Many work people wear high-grade leather shoes, in the event of rain leather shoes will be affected, sometimes degumming deformation; also tourists in the journey in the rain is also a very troublesome thing. So PVC boot cover has a broad market prospect.

High tube dustproof and rainproof pvc shoe cover with Beautiful fashion, easy to carry, not only solve the traditional shoes clumsy and difficult to carry problems, but also make up for the disposable shoes wear, not durable defects, is the people travel in the rain or in the tourist attractions when the most effective shoe supplies. For you and your family, free from the rain and bacteria damage please hurry up Buy a rainproof shoe cover!

Name: Travel, climbing long tube portable rain boots

Material: Upper pearl film solid color PVC, soles: thick PVC
Applicable: Male And Female General
Applicable Scene: Rain, Travel, Cycling, Shopping, Food market
Technology: High-Frequency Hot Pressing
Effect: Waterproof, Anti-oil, Dust, Epidemic Prevention, Anti-bacterial, Pest control
Package: One Pair One PVC Bag

Model number
Transparent, black, pink, blue
Beautiful fashion, easy to carry
Rain, Travel, Cycling, Shopping, Food market
Suit Shoe Size
Soles Length (mm)

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