Home Medical Multi-Function Portable Stretcher

Home Medical Multi-Function Portable Stretcher, easy to disassemble and install, high-quality materials, sturdy and durable, can effectively lead the cervical spine

Home Medical Multi-Function Portable Stretcher.The new brand new upgrade design, using high quality thick steel, durable. High-grade rubber handwheel, foldable design, space saving, beautiful appearance. Easy to disassemble and install, comfortable headrest design, high density and high resilience sponge, ergonomic design, more comfortable lying. The new armrests, plus environmentally friendly and comfortable sponges, are durable and comfortable to hold. With scales, the design is more scientific and can be adjusted according to height. With a comfortable footrest, the design is reasonable. The main frame screws of the traction bed are all made of locknuts, lined with anti-slip mats, which are not easy to fall off and safer.

Scope of application: family, nursing home, hospital

Product advantages:
1. High resilience sponge, soft and comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly
2. With seat belt design, stable and comfortable
3. Use high quality thick steel, strong and durable
4. Vertical design, saving space

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Upgrade Original Traction Belt, Upgraded Widened Thickening Traction Belt, Upgraded Green Self-Adhesive Traction Belt, Upgraded Black Self-Adhesive Traction Belt


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