Medical Single Head Stethoscope For Adult

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Medical Single Head Stethoscope For Adult

Medical Single Head Stethoscope For Adult Used to collect and amplify sounds from the heart, lungs, arteries, veins, and other internal organs.

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The stethoscope is identifying the heart blood pressure and other vital signs;

Vibration transmission between the principle of the stethoscope is material involved in the aluminium film of the stethoscope, and single than air, change of the voice frequency, wavelength, up to the human ear the scope of “comfort”, at the same time has covered the other voice, “hear” more clearly.

People hear the sound of the reason is the so-called “voice” is vibration transmission such as air vibration material to each ear tympanic membrane, etc., into electrical impulses, one is “listen” to the sound. The human ear can feel the vibration frequency of 20-20 KHZ.

People feel is standard and a volume of sound, and wavelength is related to the intensity of the normal hearing range of 0 db, 140 db.

1)Medical Single Head Stethoscope For Adult, the membrane is sensitive for sound collecting.
2)The small bell-like chestpiece is used for auscultating slight and low frequency sounds.
3)Considerate dual anti-chill ring design.
4)Connecting spring is embedded, ear tips are specially designed for suiting the ear structure.
5)Stainless steel chestpiece, excellent sound conduction.
6)Including: A pair of Metal ear tip and a replaceable membrane.


• Silver single head chestpiece, ergonomic design for the back so as to get comfortable use. Can catch both low frequency and high frequency sound by pressing the back in different pressure.
• Considerate anti-chill ring design.
• Connecting spring is embedded; ear tip is specially designed for suiting the ear structure.
• Zinc alloy chestpiece with chrome-plated ailver finish, excellent sound conduction, little acoustic attenuation.


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Medical examination
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