Multifunctional water lifesaving plastic stretcher

The stretcher is the equipment in the current ambulance, which meets the needs of the patient and is convenient for the patient to lie down with the wounded. It can be used for ambulances, hospitals, battlefields, gymnasiums to transport wounded and sick people, and can also be used for general surgery. The plate stretcher is also known as the spinal plate, the lifting plate, the plate stretcher, the plastic stretcher, the fixed lifting plate, the floating rescue plate and the like. It is made of high-strength engineering plastics in one time. It is durable, not easy to age, has strong carrying capacity, is light and reasonable in structure, can float on the surface under no load, and is easy to operate. It is used in medical rescue personnel to install fixed heavy patients during the implementation of the rescue process. X-ray can be performed by safely transferring the wounded and sick during the ambulance treatment. The plate stretcher is a first-aid transfer device that can be allocated to the medical department and can also be used with ambulances.

The product’s name is: Multifunctional water lifesaving stretcher, made of high-strength engineering plastic, seamlessly formed, non-polluting, durable, X-ray permeable, and can be used with head holders for durability. Not easy to aging, can safely transfer the wounded and sick, yellow and black, this product is generally equipped with three straps.

Product introduction: 1. Made of polyethylene material, one time seamlessly formed 2. No pollution, strong and durable 3. X-ray transparent, can be used together with head holder 4. Yellow black with 5. Product size 187*43* 7CM, net weight: 6.5Kg 7. Load bearing <= 159g 8. Moisture-proof and durable 9. With safety straps. 10. The material is made of non-toxic and non-polluting material. It is resistant to fire and abrasion and corrosion. 11. This product is usually equipped with three straps.

product advantages:
1. Polyethylene material, non-polluting, durable
2. With 3 straps
3. Light weight, small size and easy to carry
4. High bearing capacity
5. With fire and wear resistance and erosion resistance
6. Can be used with head holder

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