Nurse cap disposable non-woven cap double elastic mob cap clip cap

Nurse cap is made of high-quality rubber band beam, so it’s excellent in elasticity and long-lasting, certainly the elastic band is soft to the touch. The mob cap is made of high-quality non-woven fabric, so that it’s wear-resistant and light and not easily deformed.

As a disposable product, nurse cap is disposable and maintenance-free, comfortable to wear and easy to carry. Likewise the effect of filtering dust is good. Therefore the disposable cap can effectively filter the dust and dust in the air, so that you can provide you with safe and secure protection.

Contrast: Double elastic have better tear resistance than single elastic, good locking effect, and fit to prevent hair from falling.

Shape: strip shape, rounded and turned into a circle

Nurse cap advantages: light and breathable, dust-proof, can better block dust and microorganisms, wear tightly for a long time, no allergic reaction, no washing, no maintenance, convenient and practical, safer and healthier. Environmentally safe, non-toxic, no odor, anti-static, no skin irritation, not easy to deform.

Nurse cap scope of disposable cap application: medical, food hygiene, electronics, clean room, textile and other industries. Clip cap description: The cap is light and the sealed elastic band can make the wearer comfortable, compact and not fall off, and soft and suitable for various head types.

Product Name Nurse cap
Product Material PP non-woven fabric
Fabric weight 9GSM
Product Size 17”,18”,21”
Packing 100 pcs/bag, 2000 pcs/carton
Carton Size 52*28*34cm
Color Avaiavle green/blue/white/black/yellow/pink

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18'', 19'', 21''


single / double


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