PU Coated Palm Gloves

PU Coated Palm Gloves, using cotton with excellent texture, is more soft and comfortable. The plastic molding design increases the slip resistance and wear resistance of the glove.

PU Coated Palm Gloves.It has good tear resistance, puncture resistance and anti-friction performance. It does not rebound immediately after the tension is expanded, and the fatigue of the hand can be alleviated. Exquisite seaming, not easy to pull off the line, suitable for tightness. The shape of the glove is designed according to the human hand, with great sensitivity, excellent tensile properties and puncture resistance, high tensile strength and excellent wear resistance. Prominent anti-bacterial, anti-viral penetration function. Does not contain any natural latex ingredients, no allergic reaction to human skin, non-toxic, harmless, tasteless. The selection of formula, advanced technology, soft touch, comfortable and non-slip, flexible operation.
Scope of application: medical examination, food industry, nursing, electronics factory, family, chemical, scientific research

Product advantages:
1. Anti-slip, anti-friction
2. No allergic reaction to human skin, non-toxic, harmless, tasteless
3. Good pull and durable
4. With anti-static function

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