Skin Color Non-Woven Tape

Skin Color Non-Woven Tape is made of cotton cloth, PE transparent film, breathable non-woven fabric (paper), silk or foam, coated with zinc oxide natural rubber or acrylic glue, and is widely used in medical catheters and dressings.

Product performance:
1. Breathable: the air can penetrate through and keep the skin breathing normally.
2. Hypoallergenic: no irritation to the skin, reducing patient suffering
3. Moderate viscosity: the tape is fixed firmly and does not hurt the skin when removed.

Product Usage:
Fixation of various infusion needles, fixation of various dressings, medical treatment
1. Can not replace suture, stop bleeding, skin disinfection, dryness, etc.
2. When the wound has blood or exudate, it cannot be directly attached to the wound.
3. When removing medical tape, be careful not to tear off the catheter or other equipment under it.

Instructions for use:
1. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the skin and dry it
2. Lay the tape outward from the center without tension. To ensure that the tape can be firmly adhered, at least 2.5 cm of the skin part should be applied along the edge of the dressing.
3. After the tape is fixed, gently press on the tape to firmly stick the tape on the skin.Skin Color Non-Woven Tape

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