Triangular sign vehicle emergency warning package

The on-board first-aid kit is a package of medical emergency equipment and drugs on the vehicle. It can be self-rescued in the event of a traffic accident causing casualties. It is one of the means to effectively reduce the number of traffic fatalities. In-vehicle first-aid kits mainly include bandages such as elastic headgear, snap-on tourniquet, elastic bandage, etc., sterile dressings like gauze, bandages, disposable gloves, etc., such as first-aid scissors, medical tweezers, safety pins, life-saving whistle, etc.

This product name is: Triangular sign vehicle emergency warning package

The Red Cube car first aid kit, designed with Molle system, is easy to carry and can be freely combined to the vehicle and outdoor vehicles. At the same time, the emergency bag is equipped with the necessary dressing. The injured person can be rescued or saved for the first time when the person is in danger. And the bag is equipped with basic emergency equipment such as safety hammer and flashlight to provide escape equipment in case of danger. Handle dangerous events.

Product advantages:
1.600D polyester
2. Not easy to deform, sturdy and durable
3. Design science, easy to carry around
4. Space saving, easy to transport and carry
5. Good sealing, zipper is durable
6.LOGO can be customized
7. Rich in materials, easy to use

No. Category Specification Configuration list Fuction Amount Unit
1 Health
5*5cm wet wipe clean 1 Bag
2 5*5cm soap wipe clean 1 bag
3 5/bag band-aid hemostasis 1 Bag
4 6*7cm surgical dressings paste bandage 1 Bag
5 5.5cm 2/bag medical gauze
hemostasis and
infection prevention
1 Bag
6 6*400cm conforming bandage bandage/ fixation 1 Roll
7 90*90*127cm non-woven triangular bandage bandage/ fixation 1 Bag
8 30*19cm mouth-to-mouth
insect 1 Piece
9 1.25*450cm medical adhesive bandage 1 Bag
10 4/bag safty pin fixed clothing 1 Bag
11 9cm medical scissors cut bandage /wound clothing 1 Pair
12 11*8*4cm bag outsourcing 1 Pair
13 Emergency
4cm tow rope trailer 1 Pair
14 250cm lifesaving hammer borken glass 1 Set
15 0.5kg fire extinguisher outfire 1 Bottle
16 skid proof gloves non-slip/handguide 1 Set
17 64*63cm fluorescence labeling ves safe/warning 1 Set
18 with battery bright flashlight lighting 1 Set
19 car battery line charge 1 Set
20 normal tool pliers knife/pliers/
1 Set
21 Packaging
13×9.5cm first aid manual first aid guide 1 Piece
22 9*5.5cm certificate 1 Piece
23 90*45mm warranty card 1 Piece
24 configuration list 1 Piece
25 PE planstic bag  wear prevention 1 Bag
26 Desiccant 1 Bag
27 outside bag 1 Bag

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