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Hello friends, this is Gary, a perseverance import and export trade manager. Welcome to back our channel. Let’s continue COVID-19 vaccines types, this time we talk about the protein subunits vaccines.

Before two types use the virus corpse or virus same structure cell. This time vaccine type only uses the Key.

As we know, the coronavirus Spike protein can be combined with ACE-2 to enter the cell.

So this type of vaccine is to create many Spike protein to let our body to know Spike Protein is not good, and recognize Spike Protein, then create the Antibody. In this way, no need for a virus corpse or same structure cell, just equivalent to producing many “keys”

This is high maturity technical, and also have many Mature products in use. You can check this list. Because of so many successful products. The first three item also full five stars

The development speed, is faster, four-star.

but the production speed no good, slow. Because the production process is very complex. So I give 2 stars, slow.

And this vaccine also easy to storage and transportation.

Let check the pros and cons

Due to only need create the one substance, this is easy to control the side effect, so this vaccine with tiny adverse reactions.

The con is maybe different from natural spike protein structure, you know this is human-made, not natural, so maybe differential. And only one substance, so maybe weak immune system response and need for adjuvant enhancement the vaccine effect.

You can see before two types use the virus structure or same structure to stimulate the antibody, this type of vaccines only use one key, created spike protein they are different, infect before two types belong First-generation vaccine technology, and this protein subunit belongs to second-generation vaccine technology.

Next time i will discuss the Live Attenuated vaccine type, also use spike protein, but they are more effective

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