Purchase Support Service

[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”What’s Extripod Procurement Support Services” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.extripod.com%2Fextripod-registration-form%2F|title:Contact%20Us%20Now|target:%20_blank|” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d15dfedd4bf0″ css=”.vc_custom_1561714181466{margin-bottom: 30px !important;}” css_mobile=”.vc_custom_1561714181470{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}” css_tablet=”.vc_custom_1561714181468{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}” css_ipad=”.vc_custom_1561714181469{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}” desc=”Finding a reliable supplier with good quality products is not easy. Although you find a lot of platforms on the internet, you only can get the contact information of manufacturers from those platforms. Maybe they sometimes can give you some support from the third party. But once problems occur, those platforms can do nothing.
However, Extripod Procurement Support Services can avoid this kind of problems. All of our product belong to our source. You only need to contact us, and then you can get the information of more than thousands of products. We would do the overall investigation and screen those products carefully before we provide them to you.
We know the standard of each product. And we guarantee that all of our products have reached the standard. Also, we know how to support you, from product quality to product related service. Therefore, you do not need to find many manufacturers to manage your supply chain. We will take responsibility for them, and we are professional.
So, if you want to know how to purchase from China through Extripod Procurement Support Services, you can check the following content. If you want to contact us, please click the button.”]

Extripod Purchase Support Service (EPSS)

[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Inquiry Online” desc=”You can easily find all the products on our website. We show all products on our website and their related SCENE. In this case, you can have a more intuitive understanding of the product you want. It will be helpful for you to get the suitable products. If you have any question or requirement for those products, do not hesitate to contact us and remember to fill the contact form. We will reply within 24 hours.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d15dfedd4d5e” hidden_markup=””]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Sample Checking” desc=”Sample checking is a critical step to help you make the decision. Through the communication of several emails, we have identified the product for cooperation. According to your needs, we will give the stock as the sample or customize it for you. Then we will send it to your office for your checking.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d15dfedd4ddf” hidden_markup=””]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Order Confirmation” desc=”If you are satisfied with our samples, the next step we need to do is the confirmation of the order. We need to confirm each item with you because this is important for us to make the production plan. In addition, details, such as specification, amount, delivery time, and so on, need to be confirmed one by one until we reach a consensus.
Also, in this period, difficulties begin to appear. But you will not be bothered because we are experienced with this process and can handle it well.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d15dfedd4ee2″ hidden_markup=””]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Payments Confirmations” desc=”We can accept most payment methods on the market. According to the different amount, from $100 to $1,000,000, we use different payment accounts and payment methods, especially for L/C, D/P. So we must confirm every remittance to my clients, for double check. With an account list or remittance record, we can easily track the fund. Generally, we do not cover any remittance charge.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d15dfedd4f63″ hidden_markup=””]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Packageing Design Confirmation” desc=”We usually design packages for free. According to your needs, we can revise or use some simple designs to help us finish the inner and outer package bag, inner box, carton. From color to text, we will check and make samples of the package for your confirmation. Any mistakes in the package will bring a lot of loss to clients from the import process to market sell. Therefore, this is a critical process.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d15dfedd5066″ hidden_markup=””]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Contacting Freight Forwarder” desc=”When finishing the above steps, this procedure starts. We need to book a vessel from forwarder. Usually, we should check the vessel schedule before 15- 30 days, then sent some documents to lock the vessel space. The earlier this step is finished, the more choices there will be. So, we are more likely to choose the cheapest but the most suitable one. And this also locks the date for the inspection or the supervision of container loading service.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d15dfedd50e5″ hidden_markup=””]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Inspection Or Supervision of Container Loading” desc=”“Control all problems before cargo across national boundaries” is our work principle.
There are 50% or 80% production process inspection, or 100% finished production inspection or supervising container loading. We provide one-time free inspection service to you, which order amount over USD 5000. Inspection is independently conducted by professional third-party service providers. They will randomly check the product at the production site according to the specification of the order, and issue a detailed industry standard report with pictures and their findings. It is ideally suitable for higher value orders, with a focus on greater certainty on product quality.
Within this step, the inspection report (image or video) will be sent to your office. After you confirm the report and stamp to us, we will move into the next step. Or, we will check the problem of the product and make solutions.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d15dfedd51e0″ hidden_markup=””]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Documentation Confirmation” desc=”Documents are the most important step for the delivery. You use the documentation to pick up goods. Thus, we need to check all the details such as each word, number, account, date and so on, to make documents perfect match. In international trade, based on different payment, the document will be quite complex, like CO, Draft, PI, CI, etc. However, you can solve the problems of custom and picking up goods with them. So we will send all draft to you before applying them.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d15dfedd525e” hidden_markup=””]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Tracking Shipping” desc=”We keep an eye on tracking the container from on board to the destination port. At the same time, we will report it to you until you get the cargo. Then, we will request feedback from you on the shipment. Also, we will improve our services on the basis of the feedback.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d15dfedd5359″ hidden_markup=””]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Customer Feedback” desc=”After we finish all the steps above, our work is almost ended. This is not only the last step of the order but also is the beginning of the next order. We need to talk with you about your feeling of market share, service attitude, user experience, and after-sale service, etc. Getting some suggestions or feedback can guide us to work better next time.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d15dfedd53d7″ hidden_markup=””]

Those are the whole steps for our EPSS. EPSS will be a good helper whatever you want to find in China. The overall investigation and screening of those products will be done carefully before we provide them to you to ensure the quality of our products. Besides these, we also offer professional service and complete after-sale.

If you have any needs, you can leave a message below or contact us. We will provide you with a perfect shopping experience.

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