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What's Extripod Procurement Support Services

Find a reliable supplier is not easy, you can find lots of platform on the internet, but all of them just a platform which helps you to link some manufacturer, sometimes they can give you some 3rd party support. But when some unpleasant happens, they can not do anything.
Extripod Procurement Support services face to this problem, all our product belongs to our source, you only need to talk with us then you can cover more than thousands of products.
We know each product standards and also know how to support you, from product quality to product related service, and you do not need to find a lot of manufacturers to manage your supply chain. We professional for this and we responsible for all product
So If you want to know the step you can check follow content. If you want to contact us, please click the button to mail us.

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Extripod Purchase Support Service (EPSS)

Inquiry Online

You can easily find all the product from our website. Shop showing all product on our website, and SCENARIO show how product work related. So if you have any require for those products, do not hesitate to contact me and fill the contact form. Then we can see your inquiry, and will reply within 24 hours,

Sample Checking

Through the communication of several emails, we have identified the product for cooperation. Sample checking is a very important step to help our clients make the decision. According to clients need the sample can use stock or need customized. Then use express to sent to my client's office.

Order Confirmation

At this period, we need to confirm each item from the contact, due to this is very important for us to make the producation plan. Thought signature or stamp copy, a consensus made between us.
Also at this period, the real difficulties began to appear. But we are experiencing for this process and can finish this well.

Payments Confirmations

This period, we make both feel at ease. Make an account list or remit history to let us can easy tracking. For difference amount order, from $100 to $1,000,000, we use a different payment account and payment mothed. Especially for L/C, D / P this document payment method. So we must confirm each remit amount to my clients, for double check. Usually, we are not liable for any remit fees.

Packageing Design Confirmation

We usually free packaging designs, according to clients need, we can revise or use simple design the help me finished inner and outer package Bag, Inner Box, Carton, from color to text need to check and make sample package to let our clients confirm. If package wrong, our clients will be lost a lot, from the import process to market sell. So this is a very serious process.

Contact Freight Forwarder

When finishing the above steps and start the procedure. We need a booking vessel from forwarder. Normally, before 15- 30 Day to checking the vessel schedule, then booking one. Sent some documents to lock the vessel space. This step is the sooner the better. Due to when you have enough time, you have enough choices to choose the cheapest and suitable one. And this also locked dateline for inspection or supervise container loading service.

Inspection Or Supervise Container Loading

50% or 80% Production Process Inspection, or 100% finished production inspection or supervising container loading. We provide one-time free inspection service to our clients. ``Control all problems before cargo across national boundaries`` is our work principle.
Within this step, the inspection report (image or video) will be sent to our clients, when my client confirmed report and stamp to us, then we move to next step, otherwise, we will check products problem and make slove solutions.

Documentation Confirmation

Documents are the most important step for the delivery. Our client uses that documentation to pick up goods. So need to check each word, number, account, date, etc. all detail to make documents perfect match. In international trade, base on difference payment, the document will be very complex, CO, Draft, PI, CI, etc. Then our clients can use them without a customs problem. So we sent all draft to our member for before applying them.

Tracking Shipping

Container from on board to arrive destination port, we keep an eye to tracking and report to our member. When our member gets the cargo, we request feedback and improve our services.

Customer Feedback

Finish above all step, the work is ended, but also is the beginning for next time. So we need to talk to our client any feedback, from market share to use experience. Get some suggestion or feedback to guid us work better next time.

Those the whole steps for our EPSS, if you have any needs you can leave a message below or contact us.