Safety Scene

[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”What’s Extripod Safety Equipments Scene” link=”|title:Check%20Amazon%20Selection|target:%20_blank|” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d06a4f0193cd” css=”.vc_custom_1560674017007{margin-bottom: 30px !important;}” css_mobile=”.vc_custom_1560674017015{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}” css_tablet=”.vc_custom_1560674017010{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}” css_ipad=”.vc_custom_1560674017012{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}” desc=”Amazon is the biggest online shop market from the earth. You can easily find books, magazines, electronics, apparel & accessories, anything else which you wants. And Amazon not only one market. Amazon coverage 16 countries. United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Italy, India, Germany, France, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and China.
We face more and more our clients’ purchase products from us and require delivery to Amazon warehouse. Due to this trend, we notice the online market is next B2B market. So that’s why Extripod Amazon Sourcing Service(EASS) come out.
Brand and FBA are the two important effect to increase your online selling business. EASS will help our clients to prepare those issues and establish business advantages, then help our clients achieve business success.
Amazon Selection we listed fast selling items to help your client select products. Click the below button!”]

Safety Equipments Secen List

[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Common Personal Protection Equipment” desc=”Amazon encourages the brand business and can help you block follow seller to protect your own profit. So before you start selling, you have a trademark and registry in Amazon, then this will help you smooth your Amazon selling.
From TM mark to R mark, you must go through Application step, Publicity step, Opposition step, those step maybe will continue about 9-18 months.
Owner a brand this is more beneficial for selling in Amazon. If you have a brand in your target market.
Congratulations!You can go through Amazon Selling right now.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d06a4f019515″]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Coal Mining Protection Equipments Scene” desc=”You must do some investigation from Amazon, buy most of the fast sell back to research, box design, products specifications like weight, package, color, how many pieces. Then choose your targets one to require the same or better quality, this choice will help you build your own reputation in Amazon.
or example, if fast sell with 50 pieces, you sell with 75 pieces, under the same price, more customer will choose your products. Or fast sell items with a bulk package, you sell the individual package, also will help you build good review to increase your sell. So many things can be improved, of course, this decision will increase some cost.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d06a4f01959a”]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Electriccity Protection Equipment Scene” desc=”The better design will help you grow fast and can sell more and continue to sell time. This design must same as your brand.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d06a4f01969b”]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Firefighter Protection Equipments Scene” desc=”Not all products can sell in Amazon, some need certification or approval before sale. Nitrile glove is the one. Of course, if you only sell in Amazon, they only ask some technical paper to help your approval. like the factory certification and material testing report, that’s enough. When you post product in Amazon, this approval will require, if you can not provide those, the product will not show in But this is easy, follow the guide, one step by one step then can start.
If you want to sell the local market, you need approval from the FDA. Register product one by one, I suggestion ask a professional agent to start this process.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d06a4f01971c”]
[sumi_heading style=”style1″ title=”Construction Protection Equipments” desc=”Done the all above issue, the things come. How many pieces you will spend on each item or SKUs.
You must calculate all step by your self. I use Chinese tools to check those. you can check this link. but this is Chinese vision, you need to find English vision tool. You can search on google. This will help you find all profits and cost. And some of them is pay tools.” sumi_custom_id=”sumi_custom_5d06a4f019822″]

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