Purchase Support Service

Procurement Support Services

Standard Procurement Process

Order Confirmation

Order Confirmation is very important step before we make procedure plan. Only with signature and stamp copy we confirm start make procedure plan.

Payments Confirmation

According to order, we use different payment bank account. Especially for L/C,D/P this document payment method. Usually we are not liable for any remit fees。

Package Design Confirmation

Bag, Inner Box, Carton, from color to text need check and make sample package to let our member confirm. If package wrong, our member will lost a lot, from import to market sell. So this is very serious process.

Contact Freight Forwarding

When finish above three main step confirmation and start procedure. We need booking vessel from forwarder.  Which made death date line to plan inspection date or supervise container loading.

Inspection Or Supervise Container Loading

50% or 80% Production Process Inspection, or 100% finished production for supervise container loading. Within this step, the inspection report (image or video) will sent to our member, only member confirm this reports we keep move to next step, otherwise, we will check products problem and make solutions.

Documents Confirmation

Documents is most important step for process. Check each words, number, account, date, etc. all detail to make documents prefect match. Then our member can use them import. So we sent all draft to our member for before application them.

Tracking Shipping & Customer Feedback

Container from on board to arrive destination port, we keep eye to tracking and report to our member. When our member get the cargo, we request feedback and improve our services.