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Hello everyone, this is Gary, I am the international trade manager from extripod, welcome to our “Extripod Academy Channel”, this is “How to understand Products” Series, we make the video to let people understand the product to support them doing international trade business. This series of videos consist of four sections. Section one, we talk about the advantage and weakness of products. Section two, we learn the products specifications and certifications. Section three, that is how to send the right inquiries. Section four is a brief for a business opportunity for products. Hope you enjoy our video! If you like our video, you can go to our youtube channel “Extripod Acdamey” to subscribe to our channel and see more contents. Or you are interested and want to purchase those products. You can go to our company website, check the products detail and price, then fill the contact form and sent. We will reply you within 24 hours. OK, let start our today contents.
Right now, you can see, a lot of disposable bagasse tableware on my desk. So today we are talking about how to understand the “Bagasse Tableware”, The sample you can see, just a small parties bagasse tableware sample from our manufacturer.
Bagasse tableware is also called sugarcane fibre tableware, and it is the sugarcane fibre waster left after juice extraction. So bagasse is a by-product from sugar production. In the past, bagasse is useless, but today, we use this material as recycle eco-friendly material to make tableware and packages, The value of bagasse was increased, let me talk about the bagasse tableware advantages one by one.  Let go to the section one.

Section One: Product Advantages and Weakness
Bagasse tableware have many advantages than other disposable tableware, like paper or plastic disposable tableware, the first and main advantages that is bagasse is eco-Friendly materials.
The first advantages is eco-friendly environmental:
1. Sugarcane is very fast renewable resource for which no trees have to cut down. As a by-product of the sugar production, bagasse does not require additional cultivation areas and has no impact on the area of forests. On the contrary: it is actually a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional paper production because the bagasse paper production waste much less energy than the wood paper production.

2.The second advantage is completely compostable. This is very important advantages, due to the increasing concern for the environment, more and more people want to use compostable material to protect the our planet.
Bagasse is compostable, and it biodegrades in two or three months. Through the use of this product, you are contributing to a sustainable planet. Bagasse is a tree-free readily renewable resource and provides a superior alternative to petroleum-derived products. It will biodegrade and will not stay in the environment for hundreds of years. The rate of decomposition depends on the composting conditions – the temperature, turnover rate, moisture, etc. Just like other compostable material, products will biodegrade much faster if they are broken into smaller pieces. Bagasse tableware will biodegrade at the same rate as garden waste in a home composting system. They will degrade faster in a commercial composting facility.

3. Green House gases: Bagasse tableware are carbon neutural, meaning that the carbon relesed from this products while it degrades is equal to that which the sugarcane absorbed from the atmosphere during its growth.

4. Microwave and Refrigerator Safe: Bagasse tableware will handle hot and cold food and beverages from minus 25 degrees to 120 degrees.

5. Water repellent and oil-proof: also suitable for hot and very oily dishes

6. Stable and strong than paper:  Bagasse products are light-weight, stronger than paper products

7. Health Safety,  when we use this, no chemicals in the hot food, and even your eat bagasse tableware, this is also no problem.

8. Recycle: Of course this is recycle, It can be recycled for use in the production of recycled paper.

So many advantages, the only one weakness that is this bagasse tableware is expensive than paper tableware. But if more and more people use our bagasse tableware, the price can be decrease, in future, even lower than right now paper products.
OK, we know the bagasse the advantages and weakness, so next section is how to understand the bagasse specification and certifications?  this  can support your to start your international business. Let go to the Section Two.

Section Two: How to understand the bagasse tableware specifications and certifications at this section, we talk about the specifications at first.
Bagasse tableware that is easy to understand and very simple to know them. The main specification only three. shape, size and weight.

Shape: First, you should clean to know which tableware your want, like a bowl, cup, plate, box?If you wants plate, that is square or round shape.  So this is very simple.

The second important specification that is Size: Size is most important for cost if you buy plate, you need tell people the size, 6 inch or 9 inch?

The last one is Weight: The main cost comes from weight for each tableware shape, and with the same shape, but for difference weight, also meet difference price. If you do not clean the weight, you can use sample to check or told us to give your ladder quotation, all our tableware with online video for all those information, go to our company website to check .
So bagasse it is very easy to understand, only three main specifications, other specifications like the package, printing you can customize under your need. It is easy to understand the bagasse tableware. right?

Right now we need to know some certifications.
Certification is important evidence to support you choose the manufactory. If the factory within those certifications, you can identify them is the excellent manufactory. Certification need math the standards, I tell the most commonly used to let you know them.

First two important certification are manufacture management control certification
1.ISO 9001: This is Quality manager systems certification
2.ISO 14001: This is Environmental management systems certification
This is two main certifications use to evaluate manufacture quality control and environmental control. Those certifications are not easy, but qualified manufacture all has those.

Then you should know compostable certifications, due to bagasse tableware need compostable certification to import for custom clearance.
The two main standards for compostable products that are Unites Stats standards ASTM 6400 and European Union Standards EN 13432, those two standards can help you import bagasse tableware for custom clearance. So many organization can issue those to certifications, like BIP or BRC.

Other certifications, like LFGB, SGS, TUV also may need for the import process.

The means for those words like FDA, BPI or LFGB standards, you can go to our youtube channel “Extripod Acdamey” new course series- ” International Trade Basic Knowledge” we have the video to explain them. So those are main certifications. You know this and can easy to find good factory.

Right now you know the advantages, weakeneess, specifications and certifications if you want to send a right inquiry to manufactory who to write that? Please check the inquiry sample
Bagasse Inquiry Sample
Inquiry Sample One
Name: Bagasse Plate
Shape: Round
Quantity:500000 PCS
Material: Sugarcane pulp
Certification: FDA,EN 13432
Material: Sugarcane Pulp
Colour: White Color
Shape: Round, Oval, Square
Size:9 inch
Packing:100 pcs/bag, 500 Pcs/Carton
Weight:16 gram
If your doing international trade business, then sent inquiry like this, people will know what’s you need and give price to you. This is very easy.
But if you look at our website, we listed all style and price online, and you can easy to check all of them then contact us.

Welcome to section four, Until now we know a lot of knowledge for bagasse tableware but how to the bagasse tableware business opportunity?
From the above advantages you can understand, the future trends are environmental protection, and sustainable development, people ’s demand for environmentally friendly products, plastic, foaming, paper and other non-compostable material will disappear from the market. Bagasse, bamboo, PLA like those compostable materials will replace them. This is a huge demand market, so use those compostable and recycle material instead of daily use package; more and more people want to do this. Right now bagasse tableware is a simmering growing market. So today is an excellent time to doing this bagasse tableware business.

If you have any suggestion our course, please contact to me.  Do not forget subscribe our channel and see your next time.

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