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Safety vests are an important tool for the safety of the construction and warehouse industries. A vest is one of the many aspects to ensure your safety when you go to work every day! By increasing your knowledge of safety vests, it will truly renew a new understanding of PPE.

From their design, safety vests have many additional benefits. The mesh material they make reduces the weight it can add to your body. Sometimes even make it so light, you don’t even remember that you have it! A good example of this amazing special effect, if it rains, your vest will not lose weight, it will dry faster than the average clothing material.

Another great benefit is the high visibility feature and vest coloring. This is really the only purpose of wearing one. The safety vest is made of fluorescent and reflective materials, making it easy for workers to see under all conditions. They also distinguish workers from pedestrians and, in some cases, determine which companies they work for. For example, in the event of an accident, workers can easily distinguish between the safety vests they wear. This will immediately give anyone the contact person they can report the incident to. Most safety vests will have a company name or logo on their back to help determine who is coming from which company.

Blue safety vest
Although orange, yellow and lime green (or yellow-green) are the standard colors for traffic safety vests, blue safety vests are used for very specific purposes. Emergency workers wear blue safety vests. In the event of a traffic accident, fire or other emergency, Royal Blue quickly differentiates medical and paramedical personnel from other personnel.
Usually, you will see the text printed on the horizontal reflective stripes of the blue safety vest. It can simply state “EMS” or “EMT” to further identify the wearer as an emergency medical professional. Sometimes you may see a title on a horizontal stripe, such as “event commander”, “category director” or similar words. In the event of an emergency involving many injuries, it can not only help, but also save lives, if the person responsible for the triage (determining the level of injury so that the order in which the patient should receive treatment) can be quickly identified.
Even if you don’t show the title, if you find yourself in an emergency of personal injury, if you need medical help or someone else in need, look for someone wearing a royal blue safety vest. It can save your life or their lives.

Reflective safety vest
For night protection, you can choose a reflective safety vest. Reflective safety vests are available in a variety of colors. Orange and lime are the most common choices. Reflective safety vests are available in single-sided, double-sided or V-shaped stripes. Silver and fluorescent stripes are widely used. A version of the reflective safety vest features a convenient front Velcro closure and an elastic side strap for easy access. This herringbone safety vest features a wraparound Velcro belt for closure. The vest is usually made of vinyl polyester with or without a PVC coating. Reflective stripes typically vary between 1″ and 1-1 / 2″ wide.

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