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Electricity is an indispensable part of our daily lives. However, as useful and important in today’s world, sometimes the charge can be very destructive. Even the smallest amount of static electricity can cause serious failures and disasters in electronic equipment, chemicals, paints, pharmaceuticals, solvents and other processing equipment.

An electrostatic charge is formed when the two surfaces are continuously rubbed against each other to cause friction. This triboelectric effect causes an electrostatic discharge that sticks to the object for a period of time before it naturally dissipates over time. Humans can only recognize current when they exceed 3000 volts. We may not notice it compared to lower static charges, such as 100-200 volts, but it has a significant impact on electronics and industrial equipment and can cause severe degradation and failure over time. Static electricity also produces tiny sparks that can cause a major explosion in a flammable environment. Therefore, it is important to provide some protection or barrier to static charge, which can protect sensitive equipment and dissipate electrostatic discharge

Static electricity is carried out from many materials, including air, fur, silk, nylon, paper, wood, rubber, silicon, human, and oil.
Among them, oil is the main conductor of electrostatic discharge, which can cause serious damage. As a result, in industries dealing with flammable chemicals and petroleum solvents, as well as the oil and gas industry, electrostatic discharge can cause severe explosions and life-threatening. Therefore, all personnel working in these sensitive industries need to be equipped with personal protective clothing.

The purpose of the PPE overalls is to protect the wearer from any damage that may be caused to him due to the accumulation of electrostatic discharge. Therefore, protective clothing and anti-static overalls are necessary in industries where equipment and personnel are injured by excessive discharge. Many companies have begun to manufacture anti-static suits and anti-static clothing to prevent damage caused by static electricity. Best Marine is one of the most recognized brands in the field of protective clothing, offering effective helmets and safety workwear to combat dangerous and sensitive work environments.

PPE garments involve protective garments made of a conductive material that distributes static electricity over the fabric rather than allowing it to accumulate in one place. This electrostatic discharge is then safely discharged through the clothes to the ground, creating a safe working environment. PPE overalls and boiler suits are essential to protect the wearer and its surroundings.

Antistatic fabrics typically include a material that has a much higher tensile strength that prevents wire breakage. Ordinary clothing lines are prone to breakage, which produces lint, which leads to the accumulation of static electricity. In contrast, the fabric threads are easily stretched, which effectively eliminates static electricity. Therefore, there are two materials that are best suited for making ESD garments.

Carbon wire
Artificial polyester (not easily broken)
Anti-static overalls typically have a grid-like stitching design to form a uniform network for electrostatic discharge distribution. This garment completely covers your underwear and metal surfaces (if any) to provide a complete protective barrier. In addition to the suit, the company even manufactures

Comfortable – they should feel comfortable because employees must wear them for a long time.
Durable – they should last a long time so they don’t need to be replaced frequently.
Light weight – they should be lightweight so that the wearer can move freely and wear these clothes to work comfortably.
Reusable – They are easy to clean and reusable for everyday wear.

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