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Hello friends, this is Gary, a perseverance import and export trade manager. Welcome to back our channel.

Today I want to talk about vaccines. Worldwide people are paying attention to vaccines and expect that vaccines can restore our lives back to normal.

But, Do you know how many types of the covid-19 vaccine in the world? What is the differences between those vaccines?

A vaccine is a highly complex product and involves a lot of professional knowledge and techniques. In this video, I try to use the simplest way to introduce the seven type of vaccine mechanism and work principles. I hope this video can help people to understand the vaccine types and pros and cons. When you are vaccinated, You need know what’s substance will be injected into your body, and what will happen next?

Before we talk about vaccines, we need to know the simple infection process and why vaccines can protective us.

To start with the infection process, we should know two main cells: coronavirus cell and human lymphocytes cell.

Right now you can see, those simplified structures. And the three decisive substance, Spike protein, RNA and ACE-2.

Spike protein it is the key, which can be combined with ACE-2 to enter the human cell, and the vaccine can help us to let our body produce antibody to stop this enter process. This is a basic mechanism, If you do not understand, OK let check the detailed process. Hope to can explain better.

Check this, this is simplified an infection process flow chart, the whole infection cycle includes four-step.

Step 1: the coronavirus S-protein combined with ACE-2, then ACE-2 will bring coronavirus into the cell.

Step 2 is, When coronavirus inside the cell, they will relate the RNA.

Step 3 The RNA will replication and translation, then assembly to a new coronavirus.

They will copy and copy to more viral.

Finally, the new coronavirus particles will out of cell and infection more cells. Then, the infection cycle will start again.

So what’s the critical process? The critical process is that the spike protein combined with ACE-2 to enter the cell. So if we can stop at the step 1, which means we can prevent infection.

OK, let check the vaccine mechanism, also four steps.

First step, we should prepare the vaccines,

Then, step 2, injection and the let the vaccines substances to stimulate the body’s immunes system to produce Antibody.

Step 3, the Antibody will be preventing spike protein to combined with ACE-2.

Finally, people obtain immunity.

Until now we know the infection process and vaccine mechanism,

the most important problem is how to stimulate our body immune system to produce the Antibody? The answer is here.

Scientists and doctors have discovered that these 7 substances can stimulate the body’s immune system to produce Antibody. You can see those substances, I will introduce those seven substances in vaccine-type detail.  But basic on those seven substances, we have seven type vaccine can using. OK, next video i will explain the 7 type of vaccine technical one by one. See your next video.

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