What If Clients Ask Us to Replenish or Repair Products? Leave a comment


The customer complains that 5% of the products we provided are unqualified, and ask us to replenish 5% of the qualified products or send people to repair the unqualified. We only need to ensure that the customer can use it normally. Our company confirms that the unqualified products are caused by our reasons and agrees to take responsibility. But how to do? Should we replenish or repair?


In general, there are three solutions to this problem.

  1. Ask the supplier to make up 5% of the goods.
  2. If the customer has not paid the payment, you can settle accounts in accordance with the number of eligible products received. Then, the supplier doesn’t need to replenish. However, this method does not apply if the customer has paid 100% of the payment.
  3. If the defective product can be used after a simple repair, the seller can send someone or get a local person to repair it. The cost is borne by the seller.


From your customer’s statement, the defective product can be used with a slight repair. Then you should confirm the feasibility of sending people to fix(ticket fee, accommodation, translation, passport visa preparation time). If the cost of repair is greater than the cost of newly produced products plus freight, arrange the production immediately to fill the 5% of the goods.

You can also find a customer’s local factory to repair your products and pay for it. Or ship the product back to China and send it to the customer after repair. It’s just the two things that need the customer to help coordinate, and meanwhile, you need to know the cost.

You can try to understand the various solutions and solve the problem in the most economical way, without affecting the customer’s use.

Before talking to customers, you need to understand the company’s management system. For example, some state-owned enterprises can compensate and replenish supplies. But if they send people abroad for repair, the formalities may take half a year to one year. Then you can only give up this practice.


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