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We provide our customers with ceramic bathroom products. And the goods have been shipped to the customer. I receive a letter from customers today saying that several ceramic bathroom products are broken in a batch of products (about 5% of the total number). He also sends me some photos to prove it. So he requests compensation. I don’t know if the product packaging is not strong enough, or the product is damaged during transportation. This is the first time that I meet this situation and have no idea how to deal with it. How can I reply to my customer?

Tips 1

You need to prove that the goods are intact before crossing the ship’s rail or handing them over to the carrier. The forwarder also issued a clean bill of lading. Then there is a reason to believe that your product is intact before it is loaded into the container.

Tips 2

Warehouses sometimes take pictures after the container is packed to indicate that it is intact. Of course, it can only be the condition of the outer packaging. You can negotiate with the warehouse or forwarder to provide the post-packed photos.

Tips 3

If possible, please provide proof that your packing is strong enough (with some protective measures, including fragile labels) to explain that your packaging is suitable for shipping. You have done your duty. It is not your responsibility, though it is broken. Of course, as a partner, you will pay attention to improving the reliability and safety of packaging later to avoid similar situations. Meanwhile, reasonable reminders should be made in all aspects. For example, when contacting the freight forwarder, both written and oral reminder of the fragile features of the product, and the product should be handled with care. Or the factory sends people to the yard to supervise and provide packing guidance. Although it is a little more troublesome, it can avoid and reduce losses to the greatest extent.

Tips 4

Remind the other party to find an insurance company or freight forwarding company to make a report on the damage so that he can claim compensation from the responsible party. In the case of FOB, insurance and freight are arranged by customers. And the risk after the ship’s rail is also borne by the customer. This is very clear. Pay attention to the attitude when you talk to him.

Tips 5

Evaluate the size of the loss. If the loss is not great, the client may not ask you to compensate. However, you should note that you should strengthen safety and protection measures to avoid similar situations.

If the loss is large, it is recommended that the customer immediately contact the forwarder, the shipping company, or the insurance company to analyze the cause and see if the compensation can be obtained.

However, it is also difficult for insurance companies or forwarders to compensate unless there is enough proof. Of course, it’s the client who does it, not you. You can only cooperate in providing some information or evidence.

If it is true that your packing is not strong enough to cause the damage, you should compensate. Moreover, in the future delivery process, you should improve the packaging to ensure that the goods can reach their destination safely.


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