What If Customers Threaten to Punish Us for Quality Problems? Leave a comment


The company exported a batch of goods to Brazil. After the goods arrived, the customer said products had some paint peeling problems. I reflected this to the quality department of our company. The quality department believed that customers might create difficulties deliberately because they never encountered such a complaint before. Or they thought even if the paint peels off, it would not affect the use. So they didn’t reply to me, but they just said it’s okay to me. So I didn’t care much about it.

But the client recently sent a scathing letter asking us to solve the problem this week. Otherwise, he will reflect our inferior products to the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and even to the Chinese embassy. The boss is very nervous, ask me to come up with a solution to the problem. How to solve such a thing?


Whether you can deal with the problem is a matter of ability. Whether you are willing to handle the problem is a matter of attitude. And your company didn’t respond to customer complaints timely, more of an attitude problem.

To do trade requires communication. You must take customer feedback seriously. Maybe the paint is not a big problem and does not affect the use. But for customers, he pays for the qualified product but gets the defective ones. Of course, he will complain. The main purpose of the complaint is:

  • It doesn’t affect the use of. He may just complain, hoping that the seller will take care not to repeat the problem later.
  • It doesn’t affect the use of. He may need the seller to confirm the defect and reserve the right to pursue it in the event of future problems.
  • The buyer isn’t sure whether the product can be used normally. He needs the seller to admit the defects and provide some guarantees before he uses them. In case of any problem after use, he can claim from the seller.
  • The buyer cares about the quality of the product and needs to confirm with the seller before deciding whether to use it. This may involve issues such as claims, repairs, discounts, etc.
  • The product cannot be used. It needs to be returned or claimed, or need to be repaired before use.

Therefore, the seller should understand the situation and analyze the causes of customer complaints. Even if it isn’t your reason, you need to understand, communicate, and explain. If the buyer has submitted a quality objection to you, but you haven’t responded for half a year, he must be dissatisfied. He will surely think that you are maliciously not responsible, or even that you are dishonest.


You should not feel that this issue doesn’t matter and don’t reply. Even if you think it is OK, you need to respond to the customer and apologize for the flaw and ensure that the flaw doesn’t affect the use of the product. If necessary, you can provide a written guarantee for the buyer to use it at ease. At the same time, you assure him that specific measures will be taken to prevent such defects in the future. Please do not worry about the quality of future orders. To show the sincerity of cooperation, you can offer some price discounts on the initiative.

The paint problem you are talking about often appears in international trade, such as paint being damaged or peeled off on the way. Generally, the problem is not serious. Some customers will repair the product themselves after receiving the goods. And the cost is not high. If the buyer must repaint the goods after the arrival of the goods because of the seller’s reasons, the seller shall reimburse the buyer for this cost.

Take customer complaints seriously, respond in time, deal with them asap, and try to satisfy customers, so as not to get more serious.


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