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Our company exports a batch of equipment to Europe. We sent the packing data to the designated logistics company and customer contact personnel before sending goods to Shanghai. And we repeatedly confirmed with the forwarder by phone or email. The product size was 9.15m × 2.2m × 1.5m, and the weight was 5 tons. It was large, so we asked him to prepare the relevant unloading and loading facilities. The logistics company said he would make good preparation. When the goods arrive in Shanghai, the forwarder finds that his forklifts cannot unload the goods and ask us to return. He will notify us when he has the unloading condition. But the factory is in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. If we ship them back to Yangzhou and next time ship to Shanghai again, the cost will be high. The manufacturer says that the flat car he rented cannot stay overnight in Shanghai, and should go back immediately. What should I do? If we can’t finish packing today, we can’t catch up with this voyage.


Civilian personnel, including some freight forwarder operators, do not care much about transportation, loading, and unloading. They just send PAPERWORK, not paying much attention to the data. As a result, the goods arrive at the warehouse but find that there is no suitable unloading tool. Or the container is pulled into the factory for packing. But when it arrives at the factory, it is found that the cargo does not have a suitable place for the forklift to operate. Then we have to borrow equipment for packing. However, the container may not be shipped back to the port of shipment on the same day. This not only misses the voyage but also incurs some additional costs. Therefore, when scheduling, try to ensure the feasibility of the operation. Foreign trade personnel needs to communicate and coordinate with manufacturers, forwarders, warehouses, and convoys.

Therefore, if foreign trade personnel have time, they should go to the site, dock, and warehouse to learn the packing knowledge of some products. For example, if the product is too long, or the center of gravity is too high, pay more attention to maintaining its balance and safety when packing the box. I agent a company that produces equipment to export some products. They have done a good job in shipping packaging and packing arrangements. Each time I order a cabin, they provide details of how to pack and how the goods are placed in the container. This is also convenient for customers to prepare for unpacking and unloading the goods earlier.


From your statement, you have repeatedly informed the logistics company of some matters needing attention in unloading and container loading. But the forwarder does not pay attention to it. In the case that they cannot unload, the best way is to find a warehouse or a yard in Shanghai with high-power cranes or larger cars. You ship the goods over first, store them temporarily, and let the trucks return to Yangzhou. Although there will also be some costs, it is much cheaper than shipping the goods back to Yangzhou and shipping them to Shanghai next time.

In this situation, the designated forwarder should provide solutions. But they can’t solve it. You have to figure it out on your own. You can find some big logistics companies to help find warehouses or yards with large lifting tools to store goods temporarily. Then deal with it when the forwarder finds the loading and unloading tool. Even if the goods are temporarily stored in Shanghai for a few days, coupled with transportation, the cost will not be very high. You can talk to your client and see how to deal with this extra cost. After all, it is not your faults. I think that the customer or the forwarder can bear part of the cost, and the exporter bears part of the cost. Of course, it will be better if the customer or forwarder is willing to cover it all.

Because of this, you may miss the schedule. But, it is not your faults. Don’t worry too much. Explain the specific situation to the customer. Later, you still need to cooperate with the designated forwarder to ship the goods out as soon as possible.


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