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My company wanted to export a batch of goods. The freight forwarder arranged containers to our company, and we were responsible for the interior loading. However, the forwarder told us that after the container arrived at the yard, they found that our goods might have slid in transit and deformed containers. They needed to repair the container right away, and the cost wouldn’t be high. But we must send someone to the scene to deal with the related problems. I had never experienced such a thing. How should we divide responsibility, determine the cost, and solve the problem asap, without affecting the delivery time?


The general practice book doesn’t cover the safety of the goods after leaving the factory and before the boarding. But during this time, the goods may also have risks and accidents. Exporters should make careful arrangements for the safety, packing, and preservation of the goods to avoid accidents.

The goods are build-in in your company. So your company should be responsible for the internal design of the container. You must adequately fix, bind, and protect the goods inside the container. If your built-in is not good enough to cause damage to the goods or the container, you should take responsibility. Forwarders, warehouses, shipping companies, insurance companies will not pay.

Now that the forwarder asks you to deal with the problem, you should send someone to the scene asap and confirm some things.

First, whether the car arranged by the freight forwarding has encountered traffic accidents on the way. If met, it may be the fault of the motorcade. But, if the goods slide and crush the container under normal transportation conditions, your internal packing is not well enough. Second, go to the site to see the extent of container damage. Confirm whether it can be repaired or not and the cost. If it can, do it now, so as not to miss the schedule. And you should cover the fee. Third, check the packing and the goods whether they are damaged. If it needs repair or special protection, do it right away. Fourth, after the container is repaired, it is necessary to take measures to strengthen and perfect the original container interior to avoid this happening again. Besides, after the container has been repaired, you need a new container number.


I also met those problems several times that the goods hadn’t been sent, and the packaging was out of order.

Once, the goods, without the internal packing, were scattered when they arrived at the forwarder’s warehouse to unload the goods. After I checked, I found that it was because the supplier’s tray was too thin. Personnel in the warehouse didn’t operate wild. So I arranged the factory to send some packing materials, borrowed the equipment in the warehouse and repackage.

There had been one more recently. We exported a batch of goods that were packed in the factory before shipment. Later, the customer fed back that the container floor was stained with oil, and we should pay several hundred dollars for it. I didn’t think it was possible. There were a total of 3 large packages, and also no anti-rust oil or other oil. How could container pollution occur?

Containers were closed from loading in the factory to before the customer factory. Nor would customers or container companies blackmail us. Then I carefully checked the picture before closing boxes and asked several staffs. It turned out that it was raining that day. When the forklift went in and out of the container, there were some grease and mud on the wheels. After finishing that, it was nearing dusk, and the man in charge of the fit-in was in a hurry to get off work. Therefore, the factory didn’t arrange people to clean the wheel marks of these forklifts. Oil stains and other stains remained on the container floor for more than 30 days and seeped into the floor.

This matter also gives us a lesson. Wherever it is, you must clean the container floor after the filling, avoiding causing unnecessary trouble.


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