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Due to the features of the foreign trade industry, enterprises have higher requirements for employees. Chinese think that there is nothing small in foreign affairs. In the concept of many people, all things that are related to foreigners are foreign affairs. Thus, when selecting and inspecting employees, foreign trade enterprises, besides the general requirements for employees to be dedicated, professional, and responsible, also focus on the following points:

Employees should have a strong ability in the foreign language and professional knowledge.

If you cannot master a foreign language as a communication tool, you will have problems in communication. If you don’t know foreign trade expertise, you may be unable to solve unexpected problems. What’s more, overall and accurate understanding of the product is more important than the previous two. But many of you don’t care about this. You even are not willing to learn professional knowledge and product knowledge after work. This will lead to the inability to solve professional problems once you encounter.

This is not to say that foreign trade people must master sophisticated technology. But if you don’t understand basic expertise, clients will think you’re not professional enough. If you cannot answer any questions without the help of technicians, you may lose a lot of opportunities. Here is an example. You want to buy a fridge. You ask the salesperson about the specifications of this product. The salesperson stammers for a long time but finally tells you that you can check the product description by yourself.

In this case, you may not be willing to buy it from this person. It will even affect your judgment on the products of this brand.

Those who want to enter the foreign trade industry need to train themselves and increase their accumulation in these aspects, so as to improve the competitiveness in the workplace.

Employees should have a strong ability to communicate and service awareness

Communication abilities are not only the ability to speak a foreign language fluently. More importantly, it is necessary to be able to understand the different views, even understand the faults of others. When communicating, you should focus on the common interests of both sides. Don’t stick to the positions of both sides. You need to learn to make a reasonable compromise. But when you need to be tough, you can’t be flabby. Pay attention to proper expression at all times. Try not to haggle and complain about others.

Foreign trade people should have a sense of service. You should be able to help people solve problems. Sometimes you may be aggrieved, but you should concentrate on the matter itself and solve the problem.

Employees should have a sense of the overall situation and a long-term vision.

The micro and macro environment of foreign trade have been changing. Surviving and developing in change require a clear understanding of the overall situation. Through your own experience and intuition, you can get a rational understanding of the surrounding environment. In particular, in the face of the crisis and the change, you must be able to adapt to the situation. You can’t stick to the rules and be indecisive. Otherwise, you will even miss the opportunity.

At the business level, you need to combine your personal long-term career planning with the current work. You should combine long-term business policy, products, customers, business with ongoing business, indicators, assessment. You must actively adapt to change and meet the challenges.

Employees should be honest and serious.

In an industry, whether you succeed or not is related to his performance. Your ability is evident to people. So you must not fight for performance by hook or crook. Maybe you can get some benefits in the short term. But in the long run, you will lose more than you get.

You should do things practically and treat others with integrity. In the long run, you must get more than you give. In a down-to-earth manner, you can gradually establish your own credit and personal brand in the company and industry. And you will get recognition and respect from others.

Employees can bear hardships and suffer losses.

Work is realistic. For example, in the summer, there are lots of valuable goods that need an inspection of storage in the warehouse. Even if the temperature is high, you must go to the scene. You think you should negotiate with the client about a big contract in the boardroom. But now why are you only making documents and be responsible for shipping all day? The delay in delivery is not your fault. Why the client blames you? Even if you have a small mistake, the leader will criticize you.

To be honest, when the work does not progress smoothly, I will also complain. However, after working for a long time, I found that it was difficult for people to negotiate large contracts with hundreds of millions of dollars with clients in the boardroom. The reality of foreign trade is far from what it was supposed to be. A lot of foreign trade work is hard. Sometimes it’s even a bit repetitive, trivial, and cumbersome.

No one can easily succeed. If you can’t stand a little grievance and bear hardship, you’d better change your jobs.


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