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I work in the foreign trade department of a factory and often have foreign customers visiting. So I meet a problem with arranging a customer’s food. Some customers are vegetarians, and some are Muslims. So there are things they don’t eat at all. Can you provide some advice so that we can provide our customers with a delicious diet?


The diet is largely associated with religion, culture, and custom. You can’t treat it at will at any time, especially when it comes to security issues.

At first, because Muslims believe in Islam, they do not eat pork, animal blood, animals that are naturally dead, and avoid any pork-related dishes. They banned alcohol and liked beef and mutton. A Southeast Asian customer reminded me that some Muslims are sensitive to the taste of pork. Some restaurants do not have a separate cold-dish operation room. You can see the pork roast or sauced meat in it. The air is filled with the barbecue taste of pork. You shouldn’t take Muslims to such a restaurant at all.

According to Jewish precepts, some foods, such as pork and shellfish, are fasting. Besides, meat and dairy food should not appear in the same meal. The food that conforms to the Jewish precepts is called “Kosher.” There are few “Kosher” restaurants in China, which can usually be replaced with a vegetarian restaurant. If you entertain Jews, you would better ask them about their dietary taboos.

Most Indians believe in Hinduism. There are many vegetarians in the middle and upper classes. But they eat eggs, butter, milk. The meat-eaters of Hindus cannot eat beef but allowed to eat chicken, duck, and fish. Hindus also avoid eating from the same plate. Therefore, when you are eating, don’t order pork and beef. There are many restaurants and hotels in India that do not supply meat. So if you eat with Indian customers, you can only take them to Indian restaurants to eat Indian curry or vegan Indian food.

There are many vegetarians around the world, some of which are related to religion, and some are not necessarily. Respect their choices if they say they are vegetarians.


Before eating, it is recommended that you ask the customer about their requirements for food to avoid making mistakes.

Not all Westerners often eat fish. Try not to order fish dishes with many fishbones. You can choose salmon, squid, eel, etc.

In the choice of dishes, it is better to be healthy and economical. Almost all foreign customers are not interested in abalone and shark’s fin, etc. People around Shanghai like to eat crabs and crayfish. But if you’re not familiar with customers, I suggest not to order these dishes, because many Westerners don’t eat them. Many foreign customers like Beijing Roasted Duck. Also, we often order Mapo tofu for Japanese customers. And Some Japanese customers like to eat crabs, tomatoes, and Chinese snacks.

Many Westerners like beef, you can take them to eat beef tenderloin with black pepper. Some people like to eat pork. Twice-cooked pork slices is a good choice.

Many foreign customers can’t eat spicy food. Therefore, it is best to ask the customer before ordering.

I met Muslim clients who came to China during Ramadan. In Ramadan, he bathed and ate before dawn every day. He cannot eat any food during the day but can have meals after sunset. So there is no need to care about their diet during the day.

There is one thing that needs to be particularly careful. Some foreign customers are allergic to some specific foods. For example, some people are allergic to peanuts. Then there should be no peanuts in any food. Otherwise, it may be fatal.

Safety comes first. We can’t let customers have health problems because of our food. So you must be cautious.


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