What Should I Do with Insubstantial Complaints from Clients? Leave a comment


I have an Indian client who is very difficult to communicate with. He can always pick out the faults of the goods: the packing list is not standard, the package is not solid enough, the shipping marks are not conspicuous, etc. But there is usually no big problem. How to deal with such non-substantive complaints?


For client complaints, you should be patient. Some complaints may reflect some deficiencies in your current products or services. If you don’t pay attention to it and don’t improve, it may lead to big problems in the future. For some complaints, the client may not claim this time. But if they are still the cases next time, the client will claim for compensation. You need to understand the real situation plus causes of complaints and think about how to solve the problems. Don’t think that if the client doesn’t claim for compensation, he is making trouble out of nothing. You should try to be more careful about your work and avoid complaints from clients.


Generally, you should respond to these complaints without claiming compensation within 2~3 working days. Inform the client that you have received the complaint and confirmed it with the relevant personnel. Indeed, for some reason, you are not controlling this place well. You guarantee that this situation won’t affect the use and performance of the product, please feel free to use it. For the problems that clients say, you will pay more attention to production and inspection in the future, to avoid recurrence.

In short, you have to convey two messages to your clients. First, you have shortcomings, but don’t worry, it doesn’t affect the use. You will be responsible for the problem. Second, you will improve and inform them of your specific improvement and preventive measures.

You should actively respond to complaints from clients and deal with them seriously. But, if you don’t know the reasons, don’t easily admit your fault or take additional responsibility. Sometimes, the so-called complaints aren’t due to the quality of the product itself, but the improper use of the client. The user is unwilling to bear his responsibility, so he shifts the responsibility to the seller. In this case, you should not directly say that there is a problem with the client’s operation. You only need to emphasize that the problem has nothing to do with the quality of your product itself. Just prove that your product has no issues. Sometimes, the complaint is to get some discounts or compensation. You should understand the true intentions of the client and answer questions in a targeted manner.


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