Why Don’t Place Orders for Good Price and Products? Leave a comment

The customer said that our price is competitive, the product quality is also good, and he is willing to cooperate, but he does not place an order. This is a situation that salesclerks often encounter. And sometimes they even feel that the customer is cheating them. But from the perspective of procurement, it is actually understandable.


Firstly, orders for many products are scheduled regularly, such as annual orders. Even if your products are of good quality, once orders are placed with other suppliers this year, you have to wait for the coming year. After the quality of your samples is qualified, you will become a backup resource. The customer may contact you when needed in the future.

Secondly, some companies will let procurers look for new suppliers for mature products. But, even if new suppliers perform well, they are unlikely to get a lot of orders. For suppliers, companies generally have a strict review mechanism. The success of the sample test is only the first step. When the company’s annual purchase begins, purchasers will send inquiries to new suppliers. If the original supplier’s product quality and delivery time are fine, there are few opportunities for new suppliers. After all, changing suppliers is risky.

Many purchasers tend to use the original supplier’s products unless the new suppliers’ product prices and quality advantages are obvious. If the original supplier’s product quality or delivery time cannot meet the customer’s needs, the new supplier will have more opportunities to get bulk orders. Also, to reduce the risk, some companies require to divide large orders more than two parts. In this case, new suppliers may have more opportunities.

I have also worked as a purchaser. If I work with a supplier for many years, I generally don’t want to replace it.

Opportunity is always important. No matter how good the product is, the price is competitive. You can only continue to track and wait for the opportunity to get the order.


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