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Now instant messaging has developed well. MSN and QQ are convenient. However, the company stipulates that the transfer of important documents and negotiations involving contract execution and quotation must be recorded in written documents and required to be confirmed by both parties. The company also proposes to use instant messaging as little as possible, adding a lot of unnecessary workloads. I don’t think this seems necessary. How to solve the contradiction between convenience and corporate standardization?


When you are not in trouble, you think that any system and any regulations are shackles. But when you really encounter difficulties, you will find how important it is to have records and documentary evidence. Otherwise, you can’t tell who is responsible.

At work, you have to develop habits for asking the other party to sign and confirm important documents. In this way, in case the other party loses the documents, you can also take out the receipt to prove who is at fault. For example, documents like the letter of attorney, quotations, payment methods, contract terms, contract amendments should be confirmed by mail or fax. There will be records in this way, and you can query. Sometimes, QQ, MSN records are not as secure as emails. And you can categorize them at regular intervals. In this way, you can find out quickly when you need it.

In 2010, I encountered a contract quality dispute. At that time, the customer stated that we did not supply the goods according to the contract because some materials of one product were incorrect. And he required us to compensate.

I first learned if this material is alternative. The customer said that it could have no effect on quality, but in any case, it did not match the contract. Our company had moved twice. I couldn’t find the relevant file. Fortunately, the factory had relatively complete quality documents. So I went to the factory and found the execution record of the contract at that time. The document showed that their project manager has signed and confirmed the agreement to use the replacement material. I scanned the document and handed it to the client, so he didn’t claim for compensation.


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